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Natasha Ghosh : Rating 5/5 :  I have visited him twice..Once for my mother and 2nd time for my self till date that is July 2020.. He is very cooperative and caring towards his patients. One of the best in town infact. Even during this pandemic he is always there for his patients.. The most important point i should mention here that he is always respond to your call and msgs.. Inspite of his busy schedule he is always there for his patients. Thank you so much Sir. That compassion really matter now a days

Enakshi Bhattacharya : Rating 5/5: Excellent Doctor n friendly behavior, he had done My cataract surgery without pain

Niharika Anand : Rating 5/5 : Dr. Prashant Shrivastava is not only the best the best doctor of glucoma but also the best eye surgeon . He is a doctor with so much love for his patient and also he is a very gentle, humble, caring, poliet & devoted for his patient’s health person.He never get tired of his patients question and always answer them in a very positive manner. He also motivate his patients to go for the treatment that is best for them. My mum (his patient i.e mrs Anubhuti Tiwari ) from Ranchi and all of us are really thankful to Dr. Prashant Shrivastava and his entire team for taking such good care of my mum and handling her the way he did. Highly recommend 

Rohit Sinha : Rating 5/5 : One of the best Doctor dealing with Glaucoma in Kolkata. Understands the issue very fastly and provides the correct solution. Good experience

MD FAIYAZ rating 5/5 : Honestly I can say he is one of the best doctor of glaucoma

Manas Otta : Rating 5/5 :I strongly recommend Dr. Prashant because when other doctors of big institute like LB PRASAD BHUBANESWAR has confirmed my father will not able to see anymore and what ever vision remains it will decrease gradually, I have contacted Dr. Prashant Shrivastava. With his advice we have gone for surgery and now my father is able to see and everything is going well. Thank you Sir. I have also done cataract surgery of my mother and mother in law. Everything is good. Thanks once again Sir. I would like to say please get in touch with Dr. Prashant in case you are getting such harassment from other doctors as I have experienced. For my father we have visited many doctors in Delhi, Chennai, Orissa and Kolkata. Believe me today if my father is able to see this is only because of Dr. Prashant

Saibal Sinha : Rating 5/5 : Very Good Doctor in every respect

pravin rama : Very good opthalmologist at BB eye foundation Kolkata

Tapasi Sarkar : Rating 5/5 : I think Dr Srivastav is an excellent doctor. His behaviour is equally good. His complacent nature and confidence make any patient feel comfortable. He operated on my right eye on 11th April 2021and it was successful. Thanks to Dr Srivastava

Shrabani Jana : Rating 5/5 : Very good, polite, and approachable. I must appreciate his dedication and energy level as well. He is treating our family members and friends with Glaucoma in family history; also did cataract operation. I would recommend to consult him in this regards to get good suggestions/ treatments etc

Madingi pachuau : Rating : 5/5 : My name is Michael from Mizoram. I am the husband of Madingi. I have consulted Dr Prashant for my post Lasik Dryness check up. He is a well experience Doctor in diffrent eye problem. He is a very humble,dedicated and honest Doctor inspite of his high skills. He even gave me his whatssapp number in case if I have any other problem. I have never seen such a dedicated Doctor in my life not even in my State.

Sushruta Bhadra : Rating 5/5 : Jun 15, 2020Extremely courteous calm composed humble and experienced doctor.A very satisfactory experience, now fully cured.You are transforming lives,Doc…thank you……I wish you all the success..!!🙂🙂

Debjani Ghosh: Rating 5/5 : . I feel thrilled to jot down here how.i felt the magnificence of Dr Prashant Srivastava as an eminent eye surgeon. 3yrs back I suffered extremely for profuse watering from right eye my vision became turbid. Even knocking numbers of eye surgeons in Kolkata over a period of apps 2 years, I got no concrete solution. Only changing of drops..result nothing….then I called Appollo Chennai. Who in turn redirected me to consult Dr. Prashant Srivastava and categorically asked me , there is no need to come so far.as I reported Sankara Netralaya, Mukundpur. Dr Prashant immediately.that very day did LASER in my right eye.though I was hesitant and a bit afraid it is his authority over the wellbeing of a patient which made me agree.and I was.superbly relaxed.since I have passion for writing..It was.a great.joy for me.i suffered from GLAUCOMA too.Dr Srivastav took care of that also so intensively so carefully..that now I have got rid of that also. All through I feel he becomes a part of the.wellbeing of his patient.i surprise even amid daylong stress how he replies to the ignorant and repeated questions of us.with smile. I feel the medical students should take deep.lessons from Dr Prashant Srivastava ‘s Affection for each patient and humanitarian attitude to each and every patient. kolkatans are really proud to have an eye surgeon like him here.

Himadri Yadav : Rating 5/5 : Indeed, the most treasured of the Doctors I have been privileged to meet. Dr. Prashant treated me as if I was a family member during all my meetings with him, before Surgery, and after. The surgery was undoubtedly successful, and the results is excellent.

Bijoy Ghose : Rating 5/5 : I’m Bijoy Ghose from Arambagh. I’m grateful to Dr Prashant Srivastav. I’m getting benefitted from him. He is not only a doctor but also a true guide. Dr Prashant Srivastav is always helpful to his patients. He has the capability to increase energy and vitality in the patients. I wish him more success.

Vikrant Kishore : Rating 5/5 : I took my Parents to him and we found him so good at his skills. very Courteous and approachable. Makes patient feels at ease. Now My Parents only see him whenever they need his services. Very Good Eye Specialist. Highly recommend him.

Babli Ghosh : Rating 5/5 : We consulted DR.Srivastav for my father two week back.My father has a problem of cataract on left eye and he is losing his vision on his right eye also very rapidly, a doctor from howrah conducted cataract surgery on the right eye last year of my father and he is also treating him for his eye problem also said my father got glaucoma with ketaropathy and never will be able to get back his vision properly in the right eye,but then we came in contact with DR.PRASANT SRIVASTAVA and after his treatment now my father get back his vision in left eye as well as in right eye also. THANK YOU DR.SRIVASTAV.

Swetalina Jena : Rating 5/5 : He is not only one of the best eye surgeon but also very cooperative, well behaved , approachable. My mother’s vision was restored only just because of him. Don’t think twice before going to him for any problem of vision. He is the best.

Dipu dash : Rating 5/5 : He is a very nice doctor, his investigation and explanation about the problem is quite healthier,my son having glucoma in his eye.very first day he assured us not to worry we must cure the disease.operation done 4months back now its bit better than before but he is trying to control and assured us to be ok within some month…lets hope for the best

Bhagwan pd Sinha : Rating 5/5 : (Translated by Google) I did not say any exaggerated thing, it was a new feeling for me that a doctor in a hospital, and his assistant would not have been so friendly that I found my hospital B in B Eye Foundation. There is no tension at all during the period of operation, pathological test, after operation treatments and so on. I got no infection after surgery of cataract When I consulted an eye specialist Dr Rajeev Lal, MS, at my city, he visited Bihar. Words can not be comparsioned with the friendly behavior we got from Dr. Prashant Shrivastava during the examination, operation and treatment. For Dr Prashant, as we saw and feel, every patient is his friend. His sweet tongue and benevolence gave him any odd to come. His one aid Dr Devleena’s gently and friendly behavior also impressed us. I had never forgotten the words, “I, Dr. Prashant, start your operation, do not worry, it will be good”. These words of intimacy had electrified my inner energy to resist and bear the pain at that nervous moments. Also, When the operation ends he says, everything is okay, the words have given great solace to me then. I do not know what is a five star rating but I think, what I got is the performance and performance of BB Eye Foundation on the basis of that we can measure it as ***** five star rating. We have already recommended at least half a dozen patients to go to BBEye Foundation. (Original) मैं कोई अतिरंजित बात नहीं कहूँ तो यह मेरे लिए एक नया एहसास था कि किसी हॉस्पिटल में डॉक्टर ,और उनके सहायक इतने मित्रवत व्यवहार करते शायद ही मिलते हों जैसा मैंने आपके हॉस्पिटल B B Eye Foundation में मिला । There is no tension at all during the period of operation , pathological test , after operation treatments and so on . I got no infection after operation of cataract . When I consulted an eye specialist Dr Rajeev Lal ,MS, at my city begusarai , Bihar he repeated thrice your operation was done well . Words cannot be comparsioned with the friendly behavior we got from Dr Prashant Shrivastava during the examination , operation and treatment . For Dr prashant , as we saw and feel, every patient is his friend . His sweet tongue and benevolence gave us inner strength to face any odd to come . His one assistance Dr Devleena’s gently and friendly behavior also impressed us. I could never forget the words which Dr Peasant had said to me starting his operation work in the Operation Theater ,”I ,Dr Prashant , start your operation , don’t worry , it will be good ” . These words of intimacy had electrified my inner energy to resist and bear the pain at that nervous moments . Also , When operation ends he says , everything is okay , operation has been accomplished well , the words gave great solace to me then . I do not know what Five Star rating is but I think ,what I got maintenance and performance of BB Eye Foundation on the basis of that we can surely measure it as ***** five star rating . We have already recommended at least half a dozen patient to go to BBEye Foundation Kolkata taking the name of Dr Prashant for eye treatment and surgery

SANDHYA MUNDHRA : 5 /5 : Feb 16, 2019 : Surgeons like you are not just doctors but real lifesavers.. You save the life of kolkata people after surgery.. I may not have talked to God in my prayers, but your services I have seen one of his favours, you are transforming my life, can’t ever explain enough.. May God keep you in good health always.. 🙏

Amitava Sarkar: Rating : Feb 5, 2019 : An efficient and well behaved eye surgeon for cataract and glaucoma. Many of my family members have undergone cataract operation successfully.

Payel Biswas: Rating 5/5 : Jan 19, 2019. Went to him for cataract surgery of my dad..We had a good experience there. He is a very good doctor, very efficient and a good human being too.. I recommend him for any kind of eye related problems

Garima Banerjee : Rating 5/5 : A perfect eye care solution👍

Manju Pavi Ts : Rating 5/5 : High level of care, everyone on the phone is very friendly and helpful. By sharing infected eye photos in watsapp on holiday cured my Son’s eye problem

SOURAV GHOSH: Rating 5/5 : Doctor in perfect sense of the term


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