Types of IOL

Once you have made a decision to undergo cataract extraction, you will be faced with several choices. While cataract surgery has advanced tremendously in the last several years, most of the advances have had to do with the transformation of cataract surgery from a medical procedure to a refractive procedure. Cataract surgery can now allow patients to completely eliminate dependence on glasses for distance, intermediate and near.

During your visit, we will discuss the intraocular lens options and vision enhancements are available for your particular case.we will help you make the best decision, taking into account your lifestyle demands and hobbies as well and any other limitations.

Standard Monofocal IOLs

The standard monofocal IOL has been available for many years. It is also a good choice for those who are happy with wearing glasses after surgery. Although the standard monofocal IOL may reduce a patient's need for glasses, it is designed to replace the cataractous crystalline lens once it has been removed. The patient may expect improved distance vision with minimum correction or without glasses . For near vision patient will need corrective glasses.

They are of two types based on the design.

Single piece design – The central and peripheral portion are of the same material.